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Danielle Brisson
Cliente depuis 05 Janvier 2009
45 ans

Ma santé et ma qualité de vie ce détériorais de plus en plus et a l’âge 45 ans j’ai due réaliser qu’il était bien trop tôt pour me sentir comme une personne de 80 ans. J’ai alors pris la vraie décision de vraiment tout changer. Il me fallait un plan en béton et 21stcenturyfood en faisait partie.

J’ai commencé un bon programme d’exercices et de remise en forme avec entraineur (très important) et pour le côté bouffe, ce fit la meilleure chose pour moi et ma nouvelle façon de vivre. Pendant plusieurs mois fis venir à la maison des repas de 21stcenturyfood (de la gamme perte de poids). Bien s’alimenter avec les bonnes portions et les bons aliments de tous les groupes est un apprentissage.

Mais avec ces petits repas complet tous les jours livrés à ma porte (quel plaisir!), je n’avais qu’à rajouter mes choses à boire, un fruit ou deux ou un yogourt et voila, j’étais prête à affronter ma journée de travail. C’étais facile, très bon et surtout, frais!

Je savais que je mangeais tout ce qu’il me fallait en nutriment et vitamine avec un minimum de calorie. Le tout tellement meilleur au goût que tous ces stupides repas diètes surgelés que je n’arrivais pas à aimer.

Après le laisser-aller de toute une vie, 21stcenturyfood m’a vraiment aidé à repartir sur de bonnes bases avec un moral de gagnante ! 21stcenturyfood a été déterminant à ce que je considère un vrais succès et un des accomplissements le plus important de ma vie puisque ma santé, mon corps et spécialement mon moral; ce sont améliorés de façon tellement spectaculaire que j’ai vue mon docteur sourire comme je ne l’avais jamais vue faire auparavant et surtout, j’ai la ferme intention de continuer sur cette voie longtemps.

Danielle Brisson 45 ans
05 janvier 2009 240 lbs
14 août 2009 194 lbs
et ca continue……..lentement mais Oh!!! Combien surement!!

Dr. Adrian Adams
Bachelor in Medical Science (honors)
Post.Graduate Diploma;
Masters in Chiropractor;

The last time I was in Montreal was for a three month work exchange. I was so busy with conferences and patients and seeing the sights of that beautiful city, that finding time to make my meals was very hard.

I heard of 21st Century Food Services from a patient of mine and instantly signed on as a client.

Honestly, what a great concept! I was receiving all my meals delivered to my doorstep every day, for a price that was cheaper than any restaurant. Montreal certainly has it's fair share of excellent restaurants, and I got to sample them on the weekends, but during the week, when I was busiest, I had fantastic, healthy meals every day for a fraction of the price. The concept is amazing and the quality of the fresh food is impeccable.

This home delivery catering service has really taken off in North America; I cant wait to see it here in London, England.

When I come back to Montreal and do another working holiday, (perhaps in the winter this time - would love to try the skiing!) I am definitely going to use 21st Century Food Services again

Derek Della Rocca
B.Sc., C.A.T.C,
Certified Athletic Therapist,
Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Montreal Alouettes

21st Century Food Services have scored big points in 2 very important areas: Healthy Food & Tasty Food. This is basically what we all want & need. 21st Century Foods provides this, big time. They score even more points by delivering their food to your door. This makes an unbeatable combination: Healthy Food - Tasty Food - At Your Door.

The benefits continue: save time shopping, save time cooking, use the time the way you want all the while knowing that you are not eating high calorie/ junk food, which helps to keep weight in check.

No one can sell you "time" or "health", but 21st Century Food Services comes close.

Vincenzo Thoma
Singer, Composer, Musician

"I am extrememly satisfied with the quality of the fresh food home delivery service from 21st Century Food.

Between my everyday life of making time for my kids, enjoying my wife's company, composing new songs and my concerts, I find it hard to find the time to cook and shop for myself and still eat a healthy well balanced meal.

21st Century Food is great! I receive excellent meals, prepared by chefs and nutritionists certified right here in Montreal, delivered right to my door! - for $8.50 / meal... how can you beat that??!!

They have also catered to the private guests at my concerts and I could not have been more pleased. I recommend them to anyone who wants a healthier stress free lifestyle"

Vicky Peterson
Customer Service - Western Canada, Quebec & Maritimes
Converse Canada Inc.

I was first introduced to 21st Century Food through a radio contest. I won one week of free meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner, delivered to my door step...now, I'm hooked!

I love not having to worry about what to make myself for lunch. We don't always have leftovers from the night before, and I found myself eating fast food more often than I should have. With 21st Century Food, I now have healthy, delicious lunches delivered to me at work. All I have to do before I leave home, is to pop a bottle of water into my bag and voila!

Not to mention that I've made quite a few people at work jealous with my lunches. Someone always asks me, "What's for lunch today?" and I'm always happy to show it off. You have made my life easier... Thank you 21st Century Food!

Dr Adriana Verdejo
McGill University

As a physician I know how important is to eat well I work long hours, so I need energy but at the same time I need meals that help me to keep my body in good shape.

Without much time for groceries and cooking, 21 century food has been the perfect solution for healthy and tasty food, with many choices and the possibility to have low calories menus when I need to keep my curves in place.

All the ingredients are fresh and the presentation is amusing I don't even pay more than what I used to spend in food from the cafeteria or delivery!

Mario DiBattista
Director, Infrastructure & Support Services
McKesson Canada

I’ve been using 21st Century Food Services for well over a year, and I haven’t had one bad meal experience. Ordering is simple via the Internet with two great meal selections available from Monday to Friday, and it is delivered right to my door step before I leave for work in the morning.

I enjoy and look forward to a variety of properly sized, quality meals which have allowed me to eat healthy and stay away from picking up something on my way home from work.

Natalie Paradiso,
GE Energy

For many years I had a tendency to work right through lunch and even though I had good intentions of bringing a lunch to the office, somehow I just never could get around to putting something interesting together.

Then my assistant introduced me to 21st century food saying that it was created just for me. I gave it a try and am hooked!

I look forward to my lunches now as they are always so varied and delicious and I have never felt better, not to mention the great price.

Tony Della Rocca
Financial Security Advisor
Braley-Winton Financial Group

I’ve been ordering from 21 since the beginning of 2009. Wow what a stress reliever..! I’m not exactly the best cook, nor do I have the time to prepare good healthy meals, cause in my line of work im always on the go. Its surprising how such a simple thing can relieve so much stress. That in itself is worth it for me.

Ordering from 21 is the perfect solution for me. When I get home, the meal is there ready to eat. No walking around the grocery store wondering over what to make etc, or giving in to less healthy foods. So the benefits are doubled, because the meals keep me on a well balance food intake and in the process probably shed some unwanted pounds.

Lastly for the great price delivered to the door, I would spend the same or more trying to cook myself. The menus never get old, theres always something new and even order some again cause they’re so good..! Thank you to the team at 21stcenturyfood, you make the difference in my life..!

Ardyth Robinson

It was a pleasure to receive the first cooler bag containing lunch for the day; added to that satisfaction is the knowledge that I will have healthy lunches arriving daily.

I find it so easy to go and buy fast food but is so unhealthy-What I like about 21st century food services are that they make it so much easier to obtain healthy meals that do not cost me any more than the fast food would have cost; I do not even have to leave my office.

I like the convenience of the pop down menus on the website that offer a variety of choices that can choose from thus it ensures that I am not always eating the same thing day after day unless I chose to do so.

Joseph Blumer

Meals are A1, delivery reliable,and prices reasonable.

A Five Star, no hassle, no drama food service, like Mother used to do.

Claire Vessot

I had quit smoking and for the first time in my adult life was faced with the dilemma of being overweight...

I joined a gym and not knowing 'how' to eat right, with little time for cooking since with my work I travel a lot and my hours often go into the evenings, and not being a cook... I turned to your weightloss meals.

These meals were so delicious and tasty that on occasion I thought I had ordered the Lifestyle meals by accident!

I have lost well over 35lbs in the first 6 weeks, and feel fabulous again at an even lower weight now 3 months later, than before of 126lbs, I'm a size 4 and made little or no effort besides getting to the gym, or going for a bike ride.

I eat more now than I did before, just being smarter with your fresh foods.

People ask me a lot now: "How did you do it?"...I tell them about your program, and toss in some good exercise for the metabolism and there is no trick to it. It's common sense but your meals took the guesswork out of eating right and made the experience a real easy pleasure.

Thank you 21st Century Food!

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