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What times are the meals delivered at?
In our AT SCHOOL program, our sealed cooler bags are delivered to your child's school at lunchtime. (Exact time varies according to school)

What happens if I sign my child up for a month & my child is absent?
Meals missed due to child absences during the current period are non-refundable. In the case of a Long Term Absence, the parent is required to phone 21st Century Food at (514) 332-3555 within the first 3 missed days and a credit toward future meals will be issued for the entire Long Term Absence.
Long Term Absence: child is absent for a minimum of 10 consecutive school days.

Are there any nuts in the meals?
All meals are prepared in a nut-free environment. All products purchased by 21st Century Food from its suppliers have been labeled as nut-free. However, 21st Century Food cannot guarantee the possible negligence concerning the labeling of our suppliers.

What types of ingredients are used to make the meals?
21st Century Food uses only FRESH produce and protein. Meals are made the same day. Whole wheat and whole grain products are used whenever possible. Flax seeds and super grains are incorporated into our recipes. We use ingredients from all 4 food groups. No trans fats (shortening or hydrogenated oil), no added saturated fats (lard, palm oil, etc...) and no deep frying equipment are present within our company kitchen.

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